Microsoft Access VBA Code

This page on Microsoft Access VBA Code, consists of a growing list of tips on Microsoft Access VBA Code. If you wish to know the basics on how to refer the section on this website called 'Learn VBA Code'. Which has more of the basic concepts.

Shutdown Microsoft Access database automatically

To get step by step instructions on how shut down a Microsoft Access database automatically by adding code to the ‘On Timer’ event on a hidden form, then click here.

Simplifying too many nested IIFs by using code

If you have TOO Many nested IIFs then click here

If you have two many nested IIFs, i.e. more than 7 or if it is just getting too messy, then a bit of code maybe necessary, to keep everything succinct, this tip will step you through how to achieve this in a query. 

Form Events

Form Events

This tip will give you an overview of all the form events that are available to you when you open a form. An event is where you add code or a Macro to 'do something' with your database. 

Export Data to Microsoft Word from Microsoft Access

Export Data to Word

This tip will explain how to export data into a table that is within a Microsoft Word document using VBA code.

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