VBA Advantages
(Visual Basic for Applications)

As you would be well aware, you can develop a functional database in Microsoft® Access by using Macros, but utilising this tool alone does have its limitations. Macros are great for simple commands and can utilise simple logic, but when more advanced scenarios and greater functionality is required, then the advantages of Visual Basic® for Applications development system are many. Some examples of these extra functionalities (VBA Advantages) include:

  • The ability to loop through a record set (table or query, one record at a time);
  • Create and modify objects at runtime, i.e. queries, tables, databases, etc;
  • Add data to your table, once you have checked everything is OK (i.e. do not save the record unless the user chooses to do so);
  • Error handling;
  • Write code which can be stored for later use;
  • VBA has tools that assist you in debugging (working out what you have done wrong);
  • 1000 Functions (code that specifically does something) has already been written and stored within Access;
  • Communicating with other applications.