Turning Labels Off

When you create a form or a report in Microsoft Access, a label is created automatically. This label is usually the name of the field, unless you have set the 'Caption' property in the Design view of the table.

If you wish, you can prevent Microsoft Access from automatically adding the label to your form or report.

To do this:

With the form or report in 'Design' view:

Make sure the properties window is open, (to open the properties window, double click on any object on your form);

Then, left click on the 'Textbox' tool in the toolbox, this will display the default toolbox properties;

Click on the 'Format' tab;

Then, scroll down until you find:

Auto label.

Change this from 'Yes' to 'No'.

Now when you add a text box to your form, a label will not be present.

This will remain in affect whilst you are working on the current form.

You can, of course, set any of the other properties at the same time, if you wish. This may save you a bit of time.


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