Selecting all Check Boxes on a Continuous Form

This tip will show you how to make a command button that checks all records using a check box that we will call [Include].

To do this:

Add a command button to the form without using the wizard, and then to the 'On Click' event add the following code (below the (***):

This code creates a copy of the records populating the form (recordsetclone). It then moves to the first record and changes the text box [Include] value to -1 (=True or Yes), it then moves to the next record and so on, until it reaches the end of the recordset (EOF = End Of File). The form is then re-queried so that the ticks are displayed in the check boxes.



On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

Dim db As Object

Dim rst As Object


Set db = Application.CurrentDb

Set rst = Me.RecordsetClone




    Do Until rst.EOF


            rst!Include = -1







Exit Sub



MsgBox "Error Number: " & err.Number & " " & err.Description


Change ‘Include’ to the name of your check box.


You may need to reference DAO, see the following:

Kirstie add a link for the following.


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