Selecting Multiple Objects in a Form or Report

This was a request from one of my subscribers of my Newsletter and if she needs to ask, then I am sure many of you do also. What she asked was there any way of selecting multiple objects in the form or report, so as she could change the properties of all of them in one hit, i.e. change all of the textboxes back colour to a specific colour.

There are three ways of selecting multiple objects in a form or report, whilst in Design view. These include:

Holding the shift key down, whilst you use your mouse to click on multiple controls (i.e. text boxes) enables you to select many at one time.


If you place your cursor in one of the rulers (top or left) and when a black arrow appears click in the ruler, this will cause all the controls directly under or to the right of the arrow to become automatically selected. Click and drag to select many


Place your cursor in a blank part of the form and click and drag over the controls you wish to select. You do not need to cover the complete object as long as you cover a bit of it.

Then, after using one of the above methodsÂ….

Right-click on one of the selected controls and choose 'properties' this will open a multi selection properties window where you can change the properties of all the controls selected all at one time.


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