Security Warning

This tip is applicable only to Microsoft Access 2007 and later versions


You have just installed your new 2007 or later version of Microsoft Access and you open a database that was created prior to this, (it may or may not be an earlier version) and it may have some VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or some Macros, when all of a sudden it does not behave in the way you expect (or not at all) and you also get the Security Warnings ‘Certain Content in the database has been disabled’ message with an ‘Options’ button as illustrated below:

Well all is not lost, If you click on the ‘Options’ button, then you get the following window:

If you just wish to enable the database for this session only, then click on the ‘Enable this Content’ radio button. If though you regularly use this database and you wish to enable this content for now and future use and to turn off the security warning next time you open this database, then you will need to add the file location of the database to your ‘Trusted Locations’. For instructions on how to add your database to Trusted Location and turn off the Security Warning, then CLICK HERE

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