Reports Snapshot Viewer

The primary objective of this tip is to alert you to the Snap Shot Viewer. In case you do not know what the Snapshot Viewer is, the SnapShot Viewer enables users to view reports created by Microsoft Access without having to have Microsoft Access installed on their computers. You can save a report as a Snapshot by:

With the Report in Print Preview, click on File, then Export;

In the Export report window change the ‘Save As Type’ section to ‘SnapShot’ Format;

Give the report a name and click on ‘Export’.

This will save the report in SnapShot format.

For another person to view this report they will need to download SnapShot Viewer from Microsoft or another download site. If the they type “Microsoft Access SnapShot Viewer” download, into a search engine, then they should be taken to many suitable sites.

By the way, on a related but slight different product, you can also download a Microsoft Word Viewer if you wish to send Microsoft Word documents to those who do not have Microsoft Word on their computer.


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