Referencing DAO in Access 2000

The idea for this week’s tip came from a question from one of my subscribers. It has to do with using Data Access Objects (DAO) in Microsoft Access 2000, or a higher version. Up until Microsoft Access 97, Visual Basic for Applications supported the DAO language by default but, with the introduction of Microsoft Access 2000, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) became the default library for Microsoft Access.

The good news, for those of you who are familiar with DAO, is that you can still use it in Microsoft Access 2000 and higher version; you will just need to reference it. To do this:

• Open the VBE window;

• Click on ‘Tools’ on the menu bar;

• Select ‘References’ from the list displayed;

• Scroll down and select ‘Microsoft DAO 3.51 Object Library’, click on OK to confirm and close the window.


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