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Microsoft Access Tips, Issue #006 (December 2011)
December 15, 2011



Welcome to December 2011 newsletter. How are all your preparations for Christmas progressing?

For my long time followers, you will know we had a drought here for in excess of 10 years, in which (silly me) attempted to grow a vegetable garden, which was a challenge.... The drought has broken, so I have re-tried the whole vegetable garden thing. How much easier is it, when it rains. My plants are just so happy.

Enough of me gloating.

As promised this week (and timely for Christmas) I have included the first lesson on Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) written specifically for 2007 users (also relevant for 2010).

I am still writing the other 55 lessons. Next month I will let you know where I am up to, and some will be ready for purchase.

When I wrote the original lessons, I offered them as a weekly lesson, as I was writing them as I was learning. The 2007 version hopefully will not be that drawn out, but I promise you will have some purchasing options next issue. In the meantime enjoy for first lesson for free.

Microsoft Access Tips

This month's tips as mentioned above is the first lesson of my VBA lessons. This is the newly updated 2007-2010 version. This is just to give you a taste of VBA and how simple it can be to use. There is a bit in this first lesson, so should be enough for you to get your teeth into, so that will be the only tip for this week.

To access the lesson then click on the link below:

VBA Lesson One 2007

That is it for this month, talk soon.


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