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Microsoft Access Tips, Issue #005 (November 2011)
November 29, 2011



Welcome to November 2011 newsletter. I am back in Australia and preparing for Christmas, so like most of you, this is a busy time of year with greater commitments than usual, but a great time of the year none the less.

I am continuing to progress with my website (why I tell you this I am not sure, as my website will never be finished) I am also updating the VBA lessons. The VBA lessons are taking longer than expected as there are lot more changes between 2007 and earlier versions, than I had anticipated. Although I use 2007 and write code for it, a lot of the changes I must have picked up intuitively, but it is a different story when trying to explain it in a way readers of my lessons will understand.

For this weeks tip. I thought I would share with you my first lesson of the 56 VBA lessons. (All 56 lessons are available for just $7.95 AUD). This lesson I am sharing with you this month is for Microsoft Access 2003 or earlier. Next month I will share with you my first lesson for the 2007/2010 version.

If you are interested in purchasing all the 56 lessons, then

Click here.

Microsoft Access Tips

This month's tips as mentioned above is the first lesson of my VBA lesson. This is just to give you a taste of VBA and how simple it can be to use. There is a bit in this first lesson, so should be enough for you to get your teeth into, so that will be the only tip for this week.

For those of you who have already purchased my VBA lessons, my apologies.... this is my updated lesson, but on the whole it will be duplicate information for you, but feel free to download it.

To access the lesson then click on the link below:

VBA Lesson One

That is it for this month, talk soon.


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