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Microsoft Access Tips, Issue #001 (2011) It has been a long wait ....
May 22, 2011

Welcome to Microsoft Access Tips

I know I have been absent from my Newsletter for almost 18 months, I apologise for that. Lots of things happening on the home front, that has lead me to neglecting both my website and my newsletter.

I am now back... I am currently updating my website, although I think this will take the rest of 2011. I have also recommenced my Newsletter on a monthly basis rather than the previous format of weekly. Hope this frequency works for you.

Before I share with you a tip, just thought I would first share with you some of the major changes.

VBA Lesson Price Reduction

One of the changes is the updating of my VBA lessons to Microsoft Access 2007/2010.

For this reason (and another testing reason), I have reduced my 56 VBA lessons from $47 to less than $8.00, you can even choose just the first 10 lessons for $1.99.

So if you have ever thought of learning VBA, now is the chance. These prices will remain at this price until the end of June 2011, then I will review and decide what I wish to do.

Click here for more information

You Tube

Where I can, I am also adding a video for each of the tips on my site. I have only done one, thus far, it can be found on:

Filtering Combo Boxes

Microsoft Access Tip

I am just starting off with one tip this week and it is a short one. I intend to build up to have 3-5 tips each month. But I have learnt to start slowly, so here we go:

1. Changing default 'Whole Field' to 'Any Part of Field' when using Find


I do a lot of "searching" when I am in Access and I was wondering something. Whenever I hit "find" the option always comes up with Match "Whole Field" - I always want it to be "Any Part of Field" instead - is there any place where I can change that option? Minor detail but it's aggravating if you do a lot of searching!


Microsoft Access 2000 - 2003

To do what you ask. On the toolbar, select the following: Tools>Options

Then, click on the Edit/Find tab then, in the Default Find/Replace behaviour section, choose the 'General Search' option.

Microsoft Access 2007 - 2010

To do what you ask. Click on the 'Ball' in the upper left corner.

In the window that is displayed, click on 'Access Options'

Then, click on the Advanced link, then, in the Default Find/Replace behaviour section, choose the 'General Search' option. It should be the 4th option in the list.

That's it for this month, short and sweet. The newsletter will grow in content over the coming months. Just wanted to get the first one out and to let you know I am reinvigorating my site and newsletter, until next month....Hope you all keep well.


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