Microsoft Access Queries

This page on Microsoft Access Queries, will in the future consist of lots of tips, questions/answers about Queries and the use of them in Microsoft Access.

If you wish to know the basics on how to create a query, then I suggest you download my free tutorial. This does not only include how to create a query in Microsoft Access, but will step you through the entire process of building your first database in MS Access. To learn the basics of Microsoft Access then:

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Nested IIF Statements

Using a Nested IIF Statement in a query.

This tip explains how to add a Nested IIf Statement to a query, but you can also adapt this tip to learn how to use one in an unbound text box on a form or a report.

Too Many Nested IIFs Required

If you need TOO Many nested IIFs then click here

If you have two many nested IIFs, i.e. more than 7 or if it is just getting too messy, then a bit of code maybe necessary, to keep everything succinct, this tip will step you through how to achieve this in queries.

Excluding Values

Trying to work your way around Excluding Values in a query then click here

Most people know how to include values in a Query but what about Excluding Values? These two examples will give you some insight.

Append Query

Append Query

This tip will step you through how to build an Append Query.

Counting Checked Check Boxes in a Query

Counting Check Boxes Query

Having trouble counting how many check boxes are checked in a query? Then this tip should help.

Multiple Criteria in an Update Query

Multiple Criteria in an Update Query

This tip will explain how to use a Nested IIF statement to handle multiple criteria in an update query.

Adding Time fields

Adding time fields in a query

This tip will explain how to add to separate time fields in a query, form and report. Specifically if the result is going to be greater than 24 hours.

It also explains how to sum a time field in a continuous form or in a report.

Concatenate fields

Concatenating fields in a query

This tip will explain how to add to concatenate (join) fields together in a query.

What is an IIF function

What is the IIf function

This tip will show an example of how to use the IIF function in a query.

Display form that has a'Processing Message' when your query is run.

Processing Message

Do your have a query that takes a little bit of time to run? Then display a form, that says 'query in progress' to allay your users fears that 'nothing' is happening.

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