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Microsoft Access Reports

This page on Microsoft Access Reports, will in the future consist of lots of tips, questions/answers about Reports and the use of them in Microsoft Access.

If you wish to know the basics on how to create a report, then I suggest you download my free tutorial. This does not only include how to create a report in Microsoft Access, but will step you through the entire process of building your first database in MS Access. To learn the basics of Microsoft Access then:

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Vertical Text

Vertical Text

This tip will explain how to change a property so as that your text will display vertically rather than horizontally.

Adding Time fields

Adding time fields in a Report

This tip will explain how to add to separate time fields in a query, form and report. Specifically if the result is going to be greater than 24 hours.

It also explains how to sum a time field in a continuous form or in a report.

Hiding #error message in a report

Hiding #error messages in a report

This tip will explain how hide the #error message that you can get in a report if there is no data to display.

Inserting a page break in a report

Inserting Page Breaks in a report

This tip will explain how to add a page break in a report, to separate grouped data in a useful way.

Adding multiple queries to the one report

Multiple Queries in Report

This tip will explain how to add multiple queries into the one report, to create a professional and comprehensive report.

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