Microsoft Access Forms

This page on Microsoft Access Forms, consists of lots of tips, questions/answers about Forms and the use of them in Microsoft Access.

If you wish to know the basics on how to create a form, then I suggest you download my free tutorial. This does not only include how to create a form in Microsoft Access, but will step you through the entire process of building your first database in MS Access. To learn the basics of Microsoft Access then:

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Combo Boxes filtering

Using a Combo Box to filter another Combo Box (Method 1) This tip explains how to use a combo box to filter a another combo box. It uses criteria in a query and the requery function. 

Vertical Alignment of text

Vertical Alignment of text in a text box

Use this tip to help position your text in a text box. Can also be used for labels

Active X calendar Control

ActiveX Calendar Control

Click on the link above to learn how to add an ActiveX Calendar Control to your form.

Digital Clock

Adding A Clock To a Form

This tip explains how to add a digital clock to a Microsoft Access Form.

Message box if no records

Display a Message Box if there is no records in a form Use this tip if you are looking for some code, to cancel the opening of a form and displaying a message box if there are no records in the form you are opening.

Vertical Text

Vertical Text tip

This tip will show you how to change a property so that your text will display vertically rather than horizontally.

New Line

New Line tip

This tip will show you how to set up a memo or text field so as the user goes to a new line when the 'Enter' key is pressed.

Form Events

Form Events

This tip will give you an overview of all the form events that are available to you when you open a form. An event is where you add code or a Macro to 'do something' with your database.

Advanced Conditional Formatting

Advanced Conditional Formatting

This tip will give you an overview of how to add some VBA code to enhance your Conditional Formatting to achieve more advanced conditional formatting options.

Adding Time fields

Adding time fields in a form

This tip will explain how to add to separate time fields in a query, form and report. Specifically if the result is going to be greater than 24 hours.

It also explains how to sum a time field in a continuous form or in a report.

Formatting a Textbox

How to format a textbox

This tip will explain how to format a text box in a form using, a combination of conditional formatting and the IIF function.

Hiding the properties window

Hiding Property Window

This tip will explain how hide the property window in a form, by turning the 'Allow Design Changes' to false.

Inserting a line break

Inserting a line break

This tip will explain how to insert a line break. The example given is promarily for a message box, but also touches on labels and textboxes.

Printing multiple copies of a form

Printing Multiple Copies

This tip will explain how to go about printing mutiple copies of a form in Microsoft Access, by using both code (VBA) or an embedded macro.

Populating an unbound combo box using VBA

Populating an Unbound Combo Box Using VBA

This tip will explain how populate an unbound combo box using VBA code.

Automatic completion of a date field

Auto date entry

This tip will explain how to automatically populate a date field with today's date with the clicking of a command button.

Shut down Microsoft Access database automatically

Shut down Microsoft Access Database automatically

This tip will provide you with a step by step guide on how to shutdown an Access Database automatically, by using the AutoExec Macro, a hidden Form and the OnTimer Event.

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