Microsoft Access 2007-2010

This page on Microsoft Access 2007-2010, will in the future consist of lots of tips, questions/answers specifically about Microsoft Access 2007-2010, that are not relevant to the earlier versions of Microsoft Access.

If you wish to know the basics, and 'What is Microsoft Access', then I suggest you download my free tutorial. This tutorial will step you through the entire process of building your first database in MS Access. To learn the basics of Microsoft Access then:

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I am currently building this page, so if you think a particular topic or problem you are having should be here but isn't, then contact me on my 'Contact Page' to put forward your suggestion and I will do my best to include it.

Trusted Locations

Trusted Locations

To ensure your database works correctly when using Microsoft Access 2007 or Microsoft Access 2010, then make sure you include the path to your database in your Trusted Location.

Security Warning

Security Warning

You have opened a database with Microsoft Access 2007 or later and it does not seem to work and you have the following Security Warning 'Certain content in the database has been disabled' this tip will show you what to do, alternatively click on the Trusted Locations link in the previous tip.

Missing Macro Actions (Show all actions)

Missing Macro Actions

If you have opened a database with Microsoft Access 2007 or later and it does not seem to have a Macro action, that you feel sure should be there, then it is probably hidden as Microsoft Access considers it to be unsafe. This tip will show you how you can access all those hidden Macro Actions.

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