Learn VBA

Do you wish to learn VBA? (The coding that sits behind Microsoft Access)

No headaches.

No frustrated weeks spent in an "I just don't understand this!!!" learning curve.

I can recall only too clearly my own experiences in trying to learn a new programming language. I can still feel the frustration when I couldn't get things to do what I wanted.

Eventually, I sat down to write the course that I wished I'd had when I was learning.

I have written the course, which you used to have to pay for, but now I am uploading it to this site, free for you to access.  This may take a few months (or longer) for me to do as I will be updating it to Microsoft 2017. Much of the content though will be usable for other versions of Microsoft Access.

Each page will also be a stand alone lesson, so if you need to know the answer to a specific problem, you can jump to that section.

As the pages are loaded, a link to them will be added below. Each Lesson, may consist of more than one page.

Learn VBA - The lessons

Lesson One - An Introduction:

  1. A short history of VBA
  2. Converting a Macro to VBA (Beginner)
  3. Open a form to display specific record using a combo box and VBA code

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