Keyboard Shortcuts for
Microsoft Access

This page keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Access will provide an overview of the different shortcuts that I use regularly.  I have broken them into two areas: Data Entry and Microsoft Access Development.

Data Entry

Previous Value of Field

When you move to a new record and the value of the field that you have to complete is the same value as the previous record, by pressing the Ctrl key and the ‘  (single talking mark) key, the value of the previous field will automatically be entered into the new field.

Today's date (Current date)

To automatically add today's date in Microsoft Access when doing data entry

Ctrl & ; (Semi colon)

Undo what you have just written

Ctrl and Esc

Microsoft Access Development

When developing in Microsoft Access, all the usual Microsoft keyboard shortcuts are available i.e.

Ctrl & C - Copy

Ctrl & V - Paste

Ctrl & X - Cut

Also the F keys have a variety of functions as per below:

Shift & F2 - Automatically opens the 'Zoom' window.  Great if you are working in a very small area, and wish to see all of your text.  A lot easier than making the text box or similar bigger, just to see the text, then having to shrink it again to its original size.

F4 - Opens the property sheet

Alt & Enter - If you are in deisign view of a form or a report, these keys will also open the property sheet

F5 - Takes the view of the form from design view to form view (but not back the other way.

F7 - To check your spelling

Alt & F4 - Exit Microsoft Access

Alt & F11 - Opens the Visual Basic Editor Window.  It also takes you back to the form or report you were originally on if you press Alt & F11 again.

Left, Right, Up & Down arrows - If you just want to shift a control a little bit up or down, or the right or left, use your arrow keys to nudge them.

This page on keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Access, will continue to grow as I come accross other shortcuts.

If you have a keyboard shortcut, that you wish to share and have added to this page, then just complete the feedback/suggestion form below.  Thanks.

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