Copying Objects

The following tip, copying objects, is short and, for some of you, very basic, but it is one of those things that if you do not know you can waste a lot of time.

What happens if you are building a database and you would like all the forms or reports to be the same colour, with the same headings, pictures, background, formatting etc.? Well, you could build each form or report from scratch or you could build the form or report up to a particular point then use this form or report as a template for the rest of your forms or reports.

To copy a form or a report, etc.

Open the database and select Forms or Reports objects, then select the specific form or report, without opening it. Then, you can either click Copy then Paste on the toolbar, or you can use Ctrl and C to copy and then Ctrl and V to paste.

A window will open where you will have to name your new form, report, table etc.

Give it an applicable name and then close the window by clicking on OK.

The new form or report will be created.