Combo Box Dropdown

Combo Box Dropdown. When setting up a form so the user can just tab through and enter data by using the keyboard, it can be a nuisance to then have to reach for the mouse and to click on the combo box arrow for the comb box list to drop down. This interrupts the flow of the person who is entering the data. You can though, make the combo box drop down automatically when the combo box receives the focus. To set this up you will need to use a bit of coding, but this should be straight forward enough:

Right click on the combo box; Select Properties from the list displayed. This will open the Properties window;

Click on Event tab and place your cursor next to the On Got Focus event;

Then, click on the '...' button;

Select 'Code Builder' from the code builder window and click on OK. The following Subprocedure will be created:

Private Sub Combo2_GotFocus()

End Sub Your combo box maybe named differently to the above, this is okay.

In between these two lines of code, add the following code:


Change Combo2, to the name of your combo box and close the VBE window.

Now, when you tab through your form, the combo box will drop down automatically.