Changing Many Properties

This weeks tip, Changing Many Properties, is a result of a request for this tip to be included in the weekly Newsletters.


I want to change the font and font size (or perhaps background color, or other format attribute) of several fields on a form (e.g., all of the items displayed on a switchboard menu). Is there any way at all to do this all at once, without having to go to the properties of each item and change them one by one?


Changing Many Properties. There are numerous ways to achieve this; I have listed four ideas below:

1) The first is if you hold down the Shift Key as you select each of the fields you wish to change the property for, then right click on one of the selected fields and choose Properties from the drop down list. The Properties window with Multiple Selection displayed will open. Then you can change the properties for all these fields all at once.

2) The second option is to place your cursor in either the horizontal or vertical ruler until an arrow appears and left click on your cursor, all the objects in line with the arrow will be selected. If you hold down the mouse and drag along the ruler, you can select a broad selection of objects. Once you have done this, and then just follow the steps above to open the properties window.

3) The third option is to place your cursor on a blank section of your form, left click, hold down and drag over the objects you wish to select. Once again, follow the steps in 1) to change the properties of all the selected objects.

If the objects are of different types, i.e combo box, text box, check box, etc, then not all the properties will be displayed as not all properties are available for all objects.

4) The fourth option, when changing many properties, is to use the paint tool, this is the tool that looks like a paint brush on your toolbar. Set up one field with the properties you want, then double click on the paintbrush and then click on each field in turn, it will take on the same properties as the original. When finished, click on the paint brush again to turn this function off.